At Kiddicare, it is our paramount duty to ensure that both the child and parents are settled smoothly in the setting. By implementing our parent partnership procedures, our goal is to make the transition for families starting with Kiddicare Nursery as smooth as possible. Our parent partnership methods are intended to assist families at every stage of the process, from the first few days of settling in to continuing communication and teamwork during their child’s nursery stay. Our committed staff members collaborate closely with parents to comprehend their child’s particular needs, preferences, and routines during the settling-in phase. We reassure and counsel parents via clear and honest communication, answering any queries or worries they might have and making sure they feel comfortable and supported in their choice to entrust their child to our care.
Initial Consultation: We’ll conduct an initial consultation with the child’s parents or legal guardians before starting the enrolment procedure. We talk about the child’s individual requirements, preferences, and routines during this discussion, along with any requirements or concerns the family may have.
This provides us the opportunity to obtain essential information that will enable us to customise the settling-in process to the child’s individual situation.
Settling-in Sessions: Next, we schedule the settling in session/s to gradually
introduce the child to our nursery environment. These sessions typically involve short visits where the child spends time getting to know our staff, exploring the facilities, and engaging in activities alongside their parent or guardian. The purpose of these sessions is to support the kid in adjusting to their new environment and to provide parents with an opportunity to see and engage with their child during this process.
During the settling-in sessions, children have the chance to spend quality time
with their designated key person, who plays a pivotal role in their care and
development journey at Kiddicare Nursery. These sessions are carefully
structured to allow the child to build rapport and familiarity with their key person, fostering a sense of trust and security. Additionally, as part of our settling-in process, we host an “All About Me” showcase, providing children with the opportunity to introduce themselves to their peers and educators.
This interactive activity not only helps children feel welcomed and valued but also encourages social interaction and confidence-building from the outset of their nursery experience.
Ongoing Support and Communication: To guarantee a seamless transition for the kid and their family, we offer ongoing support and communication both during and after the settling-in process. In order to promote a cooperative relationship between parents and educators, our staff members are always accessible to answer any queries or concerns that may come up. By working together, we create a supportive and nurturing environment where every child can thrive.
The ratio we maintain in Kiddicare are as follows:
Babies: 1:3
Toddler: 1:5
Preschool: 1:8