At Kiddicare Nursery, we prioritize providing meals that not only meet but exceed the stringent regulatory standards set forth by the UK’s Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework, ensuring optimal nourishment for every child in our care.
In addition to our commitment to healthy eating, we have also been awarded ‘Gold’ Health Early Years Award; symbolising our dedication to nutritious eating.
In our unwavering commitment to children’s health and well-being, each meal we serve adheres to official nutritional guidelines, including the UK’s Eatwell Guide.
Our menus are meticulously crafted to incorporate a variety of food groups in
proportions that support a well-rounded diet, promoting overall growth and
vitality among the children under our supervision.
Moreover, we place utmost importance on hygiene and safety protocols throughout the meal preparation and serving processes, guaranteeing inclusivity and accessibility for all.

Additionally, we diligently accommodate any dietary restrictions or food allergies to ensure that every child can enjoy our meals safely and with peace of mind.